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When will I receive my tokens?

Usually within 2-3 days.  A member of our customer care team personally reviews and verifies your token preferences.  Occasionally, the verification process includes a few back and forth emails, which may slow down the process a bit.

Which payment network will support my tokens?

We mint tokens on Stellar, which is an open network for storing and moving money.  We like Stellar because it has no owner; if anything it’s owned by the public.  The software runs across a decentralized, open network and handles millions of transactions each day.  Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stellar relies on blockchain to keep the network in sync, but the end-user experience is more like cash.  Stellar is much faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than typical blockchain-based systems.

Which digital wallet do you recommend?

We really like LOBSTR, a simple and secure Stellar wallet.  The LOBSTR wallet is available on iOS, Android, or via web app.

How much does a transaction cost?

When network activity is below capacity, you pay the network minimum transaction fee of 0.00001 XLM per payment transaction.  At the current XLM price, this translates to more than 2,000 payment transactions for a penny.

When network activity is at or above capacity, it uses market dynamics to decide which submissions are included.  Essentially, submissions that offer a higher fee per transaction make it onto the ledger first. The LOBSTR wallet sets a Max Fee per payment transaction of 0.001 XLM.  At the current XLM price, this translates to more than 20 payment transactions for a penny.

So under normal circumstances, you will pay 1/2,000th of a penny per payment transaction.  When the network is busy, you could end up paying up to 1/20th of a penny per payment transaction.  Either way, the Stellar network offers an amazingly low transaction price when compared to other payment networks.

How long does a transaction take?

Once submit to the Stellar network, the typical transaction is completed and locked into the blockchain in 2 to 5 seconds on average.  Stellar is significantly faster than most other blockchain networks and on par with Visa, but at a fraction of the cost.